20. Hiddensee Marathon at the 26.06.2021


Dear Paddlers and Friends,

the Stralsunder Kanu Club e.V. is inviting you to take part in the Hiddenseemarathon again this year.

The overall distance of the Hiddenseemarathon is 70 km through the waters of the Baltic Sea and the Bay of Stralsund, starting at the clubhouse in Stralsund around the isle of Hiddensee and back to Stralsund. Up to 90 percent of the route is located in the national park „Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft“. Beside the fun of canoeing this offers a unique experience of nature. Due to the long distance it is a demanding race. Although exclusively non floating waters are passed the 20 kilometers the route on the Baltic Sea can be very challenging due to adverse winds. A good fitness level is required to start! Race management reserves the right to change the course of the race according to wind and weather conditions.

The race is held in the kayak classes K1, K2, K1 open and K2 open (each for male or female athletes and mixed teams), as well as open relay team K1 or K2 (male, female, mix). Every class consists of the age groups 18 to 39, 40 to 59 as well as 60 and over. A relay team consists of 3 or 6 athletes. Changeovers are done the at the beaches of Barhöft and Schaprode. At the changeover the distress signal and the map must be handed over to the next athlete. The overland transport needs to be organised by the relay team itself. Every team has to provide a team name.

Due to safety reasons, no racing- or down river racing boats are allowed and every canoe needs to be unsinkable. Everyone is committed to wear a life vest! Every canoe must carry a distress signal and mobile phone.

A maximum of 70 boats will be admitted. Each participant has to be at least 18 years old at the date of the race. Good health condition and sound experience in large water areas are required. Race control reserves the right to reject registrations.

Registration fee for the Hiddenseemarathon:

till May 16th : 55 € per person
till June 7th : 75€ per person
after June 7th: only possible in exceptional cases with an added charge of 50€.

The fee is due after registration.

After registration a confirmation is sent to the provided e-mail address with information on details for the money transfer. For a relay team the team captain is responsible to deliver the fee for all participants. The registration is valid when the fee reached the organizers’ account.


till May 16th: the full fee will be refunded
till June 7th: we will keep 30 € and refund the rest
after June 7th: no refund possible!

Any additional costs due to reimbursement will be charged to the participant.

Local registration for the marathon needs to be done between 12 PM and 7 PM on 25th June 2021. During registration every attendee will receive a map of the route, a boat number, a registration confirmation and a Hiddenseemarathon base cap.

At 8 PM on 25th June 2021 a briefing on local currents, the planned route as well as security measurements will be held. Attendance in this briefing is mandatory for all participants. The start of the race is at 6 AM on 26th June 2021. The race management may change the route and start time due to occurring weather conditions. Each starter enters the race at his or her own risk!

The race for a participant or team is discontinued, if …

• … the boat has not reached the Baltic Sea 3 hours after its start. In this case the team or participant is sent back.
• … the boat has not reached the last checkpoint till 3 PM. In this case the team or participant will be picked up by accompanying ships.

Every athlete is bound by race managements’ orders. A violation of these orders may be punished by disqualification.


Accommodation is possible in tents on club grounds. There is also a limited amount of campsites available for caravans or motor homes.

The following charges per night apply in 2021 (as of december 2020):

  • Adult  7,-€
  • Child (5 - 15 years) 3,-€
  • Dog 4,-€
  • Small tent (up to  2 adults + 1 child)  7,-€
  • Larger tent 10,-€
  • Motor home/Caravan/Van (on special request only) 12,-€

Charges for overnight stays are not contained in the starting fee and will be collected at registration.


We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Hiddenseemarathon 2021.

Your Stralsunder Kanu Club e.V.


Event Rules


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